Pollination Service Demands Experience

For over fifty years, our mission has been to provide crop pollination services to our customers to further ensure their success.  Merrimack Valley Apiaries was incorporated in the 1950’s by Andy Card Sr. to bring pollination services to the local apple, blueberry, and cranberry growers of New England. When Andy Card Sr. retired from the company in the 1980’s, Andy Card Jr. and Crystal Card expanded the operation. In 1988, Merrimack Valley Apiaries became the first commercial outfit to ship bees to California from Florida and South Carolina for the almond pollination. Since that time, the farm has expanded to over 26,000 colonies of honeybees.  Today, after providing pollination services for five decades, Merrimack Valley Apiaries has brought the third generation of Cards into the business.

We are committed to bringing the best pollination service to all of our growers nationwide.  Presently, our customer list includes some of the largest fruit and nut growers in the country.  References are available and inspections are both anticipated and encouraged.

Pollination service begins with strong bees

  • We own and operate over 20,000 hives
  • We re-queen 100% of our bee hives each year
  • Our brood/hive ratio is among the highest in the industry.
  • Remember when choosing your pollination service that strength, logistics and experience allow us to keep our pollination promises.
Blueberry Frame